To belt or not to belt? There’s no doubt about it!

On the catwalk we see them again, women strapped in giga belts to accentuate their waist.

Because we always loved belts and never understood why they have left the street cat walk, Peggy-Marie decided 6 months ago to make a small production of handmade goodies in the finest quality of leathers you can find.

For this, she works together with a small local family atelier (why search far away when it is right under you’re nose) and produces only the pieces that have been ordered by clients.

Because no women wants to wear the same thing as her friend, colleague or even worse her enemy -))

I realise that I am a trendsetter and sometimes a visionair  and that is why we start only with little babysteps for the moment.     I want to get the know the product first better to discover what the possibilities are before putting on a gigantic range off models on the market. I prefer to create some top-of-the-bill designs and offer them in a variety of colours.

Things don’t always have to be big to be good (I am 1,62cm).

Wanna share some eye candy together? Have a look below:

ST5A5551. ST5A5553 ST5A5554 ST5A5555 ST5A5556. ST5A5559

Prices in the shop are between 49 euro and 65 euro,

the piece de resistance  belt you can wear with proud

for 99 euro.



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