Dame Francoise, A tribute to my friend


Inspired by the roaring twenties and the elegant fifties, I created this bag.

A piece that stands on it own, graceful yet powerful.

Dame Francoise is big enough to take you’re treasures with you, yet elegant and discrete.

I have designed this bag because it reminds me of the bags my grandmother used to cary around with her. The time that women made an effort to combine their shoes with their bags. The nostalgic of powder, perfum and hats.

For this shoot we worked together with Alexandra, a ballerina from the States who dances with the Ballet van Vlaanderen.

In this picture you see with a playful twist some of the possibilities we offer in the colour range. But no worries if you do not find you’re liking, we offer a colour range of 80 colours. So even the pickiest woman will find her dada.

Dame Francoise is totally handmade with a lot of care and attention and will only be sold during 2 seasons.

Only the pieces that have been ordered will be produced, so you will be sure to have a genuine rare and sophisticated bag to match you’re flair and charm.

Take Dame Francoise with you on a trip and show her you’re world!


Sold for 249 euro.

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